Sticking it to The Man(ic)

I know I am currently suffering from hypomania. It’s not pleasant but one of the funnier effects is lack of inhibitions.  This manifested itself in the pub yesterday afternoon. I’d been trying to enjoy a quiet pint but it was marred by a group of about eight young men in suits, slick haircuts, reeking of […]

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24 Hours in Hell

I hardly even know where to start on what happened over the last 24 hours. After voluntarily admitting myself to an acute psychiatric ward, I soon realised it was a frightening and unsafe place, with half-naked people screaming, spitting and shouting throughout the whole ward, and staff doing little to stop them. I’ve been on psychiatric […]

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Mental Health Activist Angst

As a mental health service user I’m really passionate about having a say in how my services are run. This isn’t entirely altruistic; I’ve been on the receiving end of enough piss-poor services when I’ve been ill that I have a vested interest in improving them, not just in the hope that others won’t have […]

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